Doorstep Scams
published on 20 June 2019

We have recently been made aware that there are bogus callers, operating in the area. Please see the below/attached information on doorstep scamming and tips to help ensure your safety.

What is a doorstep scam?

Doorstep scams take place when someone comes to your door to try to scam you out of your money or, gain access to your home.

Doorstep scammers aren’t always pushy and persuasive, they usually seem polite and friendly. They may try to convince you to pay for goods or work which are overpriced or not necessary. They may use intimidation to pressure you into making a quick decision.

So, if you’re not expecting someone to call at your home, it’s important to be vigilant when you answer the door.

All Partners employees and contractors have been issued with a Partners ID card. When our workers arrive for appointments they should present their ID card to you. Please make sure you ask for ID before allowing workmen or officer’s entry to your home. If you have any concerns or want to check identification with Partners, before you allow entry please contact Customer Services on 0800 587 3595 or 020 7288 8310 or email

If you feel that you have been targeted, or have fallen victim to a doorstep scam, please contact the Police.