Fire Safety Advice
published on 06 July 2017

Fire safety advice from the London Fire Brigade


Islington Council have written to all residents including those living in street properties managed by Partners.  The letter advises you what steps the Council and Partners are taking to manage fire safety and will include fire safety advice from the London Fire Brigade.


London Fire Brigade fire safety advice for residents who live in street properties and mansion blocks


Most importantly, make sure you know what the plan is for evacuating your building so you and anyone with you can get out safely.


If there is smoke or fire inside your flat or maisonette and your escape route is clear: Get everyone out, close the door and walk calmly out of the building. If it is safe to do so, alert other residents in the immediate vicinity on your way out (knock on their doors). Call 999, give your address, the number of your flat, and say which floor the fire is on.

If there is a fire in another part of the building: The emergency plan for your building is that all occupants should leave as soon as they become aware of a fire in the building. This information should be displayed in your building. Tell everyone in your home about the fire and get them to leave, shutting the flat door behind you. If it is safe to do so, alert other residents in the immediate vicinity on your way out - knock on doors. Call the fire service. You must leave immediately if smoke or heat affects your home, or if you are told to by the fire service. If you are in doubt, get out.

Other practical things you can do to make your home safer

  • Make sure you have plenty of smoke alarms and test them regularly
  • Ensure your mains-powered alarm is working properly if you have one. If it does not work, or beeps constantly, please contact Housing Direct on 0800 694 3344 to report it or if you are a Partners tenant call 0800 587 3595. Do not disable it – it is there for your safety
  • Bikes, pushchairs and rubbish must not block communal exits or your escape routes
  • Keep balconies free of clutter
  • If you smoke, dispose of cigarette ends carefully
  • Keep candles, incense and oil burners away from curtains, furniture, clothes and hair that can catch fire easily and always keep an eye on them - they are one of the most common causes of fire at home
  • Look out for vulnerable neighbours who may have an increased risk of fire, are less able to react or reduced ability to escape from a fire. These could include being a smoker; having hoarding, drug or alcohol problems or mobility issues. There is specific advice for parents and carers and details of how to book a free fire safety check on the London Brigade website


Information for homeowners

You are responsible for ensuring your property is fire safe. This includes making sure gas and electricity appliances are tested regularly and that the door to your property meets regulations. If you have any queries our homeowner team can advise on 020 7527 7715 or email  


The London Fire Brigade’s advice for landlords can be found at:


Source: London Fire Brigade website: June 2017


If you would like this document in large print or Braille, audiotape or in another language, please telephone 020 7527 2000.