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Focus Groups for PFI2 Residents


One of Islington Council’s contracts with Partners for Improvement (PFI2) comes to an end in April 2022. This contract, to manage and maintain over 4,000 street properties owned by the council, will be coming back in-house, returning these properties to the direct management of the council.

Islington Council would like you to hear from you if you live in a property that will be affected by this change and will be running some discussion groups with PFI2 residents over the summer. The Council would like to hear what is most important to you about the housing services you receive and how your homes will be managed when they return to council management.

If you are interested in attending a discussion group about this, please contact Dionne Seymour, Resident Engagement Manager at Islington Council at Dionne.Seymour@islington.gov.uk