Free Tai Chi Online Classes
published on 18 February 2021


Tai Chi online class in partnership with Islington Council and Wu Shi Studio. 

Mondays 5-6pm + Wednesday 11-12noon and it's FREEEEEE!

It’s the Sit, Stand, Walk, Talk wellbeing programme, supported by Islington Council. 



email to register.


We also do……………………….

- Alexander Technique               - Cardio, Core and More            - Chair Yoga

- Dancercise Class                      - Dare To Dance                          - Digital Help Class

- Gentle Keep Fit Class               - Falls Prevention Class             - Longevity Keep-Fit Class

- Remedial Osteoporosis           - Online Gym Personal Trainer    - Pilates

- Post Natal Pregnancy Pilates   - Zumba 


NEW CLASS COMING SOON....We have an afternoon Pilates class starting on Tuesdays 2pm from the start of March.


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Phone - Sam on 0798 114 2376