Partners & North London Cares
published on 08 May 2019

It's with great pleasure that North London Cares share their final Winter Wellbeing report. It's packed with full of stories about our community, testaments of connection and moments of magic made possible thanks to Partners.

Last year Partners made a donation towards warm items for the project. North London Cares was able to: 

  • Hold over 1,000 conversations with older neighbours, asking if they needed support during the winter months
  • Distribute 334 blankets, hats, gloves and other warm items to neighbours who were struggling to stay warm
  • Refer 98 neighbours on to other organisations for housing, benefits, energy and social care guidance. 

The full report can be found here.

Charlie from North London Cares commented: We are touched that you helped to fund this project and made it possible in the first place. Thank you, so much from us all. It really does mean a great deal, not just to us, but to neighbours like Helen, Sylvia and Garifallia, who are featured in the report; neighbours for whom you made winter that little bit brighter.