Pay your rent - Islington's new telephone banking
published on 12 August 2020

As of August 2020 Islington council have introduced a new telephone banking system. The number you call and the information you need is the same, but the process has changed.


The voice recording provides a lot of information and says press the # key to continue (followed by more talking).


Once you have pushed the # key (& you can enter # at any point), you are taken through to the payments list (a voice recording stating the following):


Please enter your payment details following the prompts you will hear and end each entry using the # key (then more speaking).

To pay council tax press 1

To pay business rates press 2

To pay housing rent press 3

To pay Penalty Charge Notice press 4

To pay Housing service charge press 5

To pay Housing Benefit Overpayments press 7


You can enter their option at any point, you do not need to listen to the whole recording but you must press the # key afterwards. When you have made their selection (3#) you will be asked to enter your housing rent account number followed by the # key. This should then ask you how much they want to pay (followed by the # key)


Any problems please contact Islington Council on 020 75272000