PFI2 - Islington Council Surveys
published on 13 October 2020

The management of PFI2 properties transfers back to Islington Council in April 2022.

Islington Council is surveying some of the properties Partners manages to understand what condition they are in and to make sure any repairs  needed are reported to Partners so they can be done.

They have contracted Ridge to carry out surveys of around 1800 homes and Upshot will take photographs of the roofs. The Council have written to all PFI2 residents and asked them to contact Ridge to make an appointment for a survey. Where appointments haven’t been made, Ridge will speculatively knock on doors to see if they can survey the property.

If you receive a letter from Ridge please make an appointment for them to survey your home. The building surveyors will have photo ID cards on display when they visit and a letter of authority on council letter headed paper. If you are unsure of their identity, please call Islington Council on 0207 527 2000.

Please continue to report repairs in the normal way to Partners on 0800 587 3595 or via

To check if your home is in the PFI2 contract please use the Council's Housing Register.