published on 07 November 2018


Islington Council runs a variety of recycling schemes for residents

in street properties (that is, not on estates). These are:

  • a ‘green box scheme’, which collects plastic bottles, cardboard, paper, glass and cans from your house once a week
  • a green garden waste collection service
  • a kitchen waste collection service
  • a reuse collection service, which takes quality furniture for reuse.

Other recycling services are available to the public:

  • You can also take your waste and recycling to the Household Reuse and Recycling Centre. Car access is through Hornsey Street; if you are on foot, use the drop-off facilities or go to the reception in Cottage Road, off Caledonian Road
  • If you have green waste, the Council sponsors wormeries and compost bins, which turn garden waste into useful compost
  • You can take mixed paper, glass and cans to any of the 66 public recycling points, and textiles to 12 textile recycling points
  • The Council offers a discount on a nappy laundry service or on buying cloth nappies

You can get more details on any of these schemes through the Islington Council’s website