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Togetherall - a support service available to all residents


Hyde Housing have launched a new service, which is available to Partners tenants and leaseholders.

Togetherall is an anonymous, online service that is free to our customers as places are being supported by Hyde Foundation and Hyde Charitable Trust (HCT). Togetherall is designed to help people take control and feel better. The service provides 24/7 peer-to-peer and professional support (from experienced clinicians who are always online), plus a range of courses and tools to help customers manage their wellbeing. This service is safeanonymous and free to all Partners residents over the age of 16. 

Togetherall can help if you:

  • are experiencing generalised anxiety or mild depression
  • are currently experiencing work or study related stress
  • have difficulty in opening up to close friends and family
  • require services outside office hours: for example, for customers working or who have caring commitments
  • are not able to travel to face to face appointments, perhaps due to a lack of transport, physical health conditions, work or childcare commitments

Take a quick look at Togetherall here:




Residents can sign up to use Togetherall here