Universal Credit-Time to Get Prepared
published on 08 February 2018

Universal Credit is on its way

In November 2015, the government began introducing the Universal Credit - a new means tested benefit - in Islington.

Universal Credit replaces six benefits: Job Seekers’ Allowance, Income Support, Employment & Support Allowance, Housing Benefit, Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit.

Universal Credit is paid directly to the person claiming benefits, which means residents will become responsible for paying their full rent. Housing Benefit is no longer paid directly to a Council tenant's rent account, but is paid to the claimant as the housing element of Universal Credit-you must have a Bank Account to be able to receive this benefit.

Following an average six-week assessment period, Universal Credit payments are normally paid monthly in arrears. This could mean that you do not receive any benefits for a month when you move from Housing benefit to Universal Credit.

On 20 June 2018, the Borough of Islington will move to full service of Universal Credit for working age residents who make a new benefit claim or have a change in their circumstances-so not is the time to start preparing.

Partners will be holding drop in advise sessions for tenants at our office at 65 Roman Way, Islington, London, N7 8UT on:

  • Tuesday 13 February 2018 at 2pm-4pm
  • Wednesday 28 February 2018 at 11.30am-1pm
  • Tuesday 13 March 2018 at 1pm-3pm
  • Wednesday 28 March 2018 at 2pm-4pm

If you want to know more about the move to Universal Credit and what it will mean for you, please come along to one of these sessions.

To book your place please call our Customer Services Team on 0800 587 3595

For further information please see: