Want to prepare for an apprenticeship in the Construction Industry?
published on 22 January 2020

Islington Council is running a 3 days per week x 8-week introductory programme starting 17th February 2020!


The training will consist of

- work experience in Islington’s Repairs Team or with Islington’s Contractors

- workshop training in the following trades: Carpentry, Electrics, Plumbing


To apply you need to be:

- aged 16+, be an Islington resident or have left an Islington school/college in last 12 months.

- unemployed or working less than 16 hrs per week.

- willing to improve your Maths and English where required.

Attending this programme will help you apply for Islington’s Council’s trade apprenticeships starting in September 2020.

Please register by 30th January to attend the Open day on 3rd February. Contact the below: Wahidul.Islam@islington.gov.uk . Phone: 07769 163302

Deborah.Collins@islington.gov.uk Phone: 07845 016236