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Who are Partners?

Working in partnership with the London Borough of Islington, Partners is an organisation set up specifically to operate the PFI (Private Finance Initiative) projects in Islington.

All of the organisations making up Partners have a wealth of experience in improving and managing council-owned property - between us we have over 100 years' experience!

Each of the partners has a specific role in delivering the project:

  • Hyde Housing Association provides the housing management service including rent collection, tenancy and leasehold management and customer services
  • United Living carried out the refurbishment of the properties during the first five and a half years, including installation and maintenance of heating systems in tenants homes. They also provide our gas servicing and gas repairs. 
  • Rydon Maintenance Ltd carries out the day to day repairs service
  • Equitix (Previously John Laing Infrastructure Fund (JLIF) provided funding for the project

If you want to find out more about any of the organisations involved, click on the links to their Websites below:





Partners For Improvement In Islington Ltd's  company number is Reg: 04628357

The Holding company: Partners For Improvement In Islington (Holdings) Ltd's company number is: Reg: 04021804

The Consortium shareholders are :

Aberdeen Infrastructure (No 3) Ltd, 45%
Palio (No.8) Ltd, 45%
Hyde Housing Association Ltd, 10%