Tell us what you think

We believe it is important to:

We will give you a variety of opportunities to tell us what you think. This section tells you about these opportunities.

We give you regular information about our services

We send regular newsletters to all tenants, giving general information about our services. Articles range from topical issues to reports about how satisfied tenants are with our services.

All Partners newsletters are available on our website.

If you are interested in getting involved in producing our regular newsletters, please contact our Communications Team. 

We regularly check what you think about the standard of our services

We continually monitor tenants’ views about the repairs service. We will send you a customer satisfaction card when you tell us you need a repair. If you don’t return your satisfaction card, we may telephone you to find out if you are satisfied. If you aren’t satisfied, we will investigate how we handled your repair.

We do a variety of surveys following major work to your home. These give you an opportunity to tell us whether you are satisfied with both the standard of the work and the staff who did the work.

Partners and Islington Council carry out regular surveys to find out what you think about all aspects of our service. We use the survey to measure how satisfied tenants are and to identify where we need to improve.

Resident Engagement Opportunities

We provide a variety of ways for you to get involved with Partners and help us improve our services

Examples of these are:

To find out more about what’s happening in Resident Engagement go to Getting Involved or contact the Service Improvement and Engagement Team.

Tenants’ and residents’ associations

We will support tenants’ and residents’ associations if they comply with the Council’s recognition criteria. If you want information about associations in your area, or you are interested in starting one, please contact either your Housing Services Officer or our Service Improvement & Engagement Team.