Repairs, gas servicing and cyclical decorations

We are responsible for keeping the structure and exterior of your property in a good state of repair. We will repair:

We will also carry out a periodic electrical safety check; this is normally every 6 or 10 years. If you need the repair because of damage you have caused, we will charge you for the cost of doing the repair.

You must:

Repairs you are responsible for include:

You can report a repair in a number of ways:

Reporting emergency repairs out of office hours

After 5pm all emergency repairs go through to our emergency call-out centre. The emergency call-out centre will take details of the emergency repair and then ask for appointed contractors to do what is needed to make the property safe. All other repair work needed after the property has been made safe will be dealt with within the usual timescales, listed below.

When you report a repair, we need to know:

When you report a repair:

We have three time scales for repairs:
Major Repairs

On occasion we will be unable to complete a repair, because the problem is beyond economical repair or requires replacement. Should this be the case, the repairs operative will complete a temporary repair and refer the issue to the Major Repairs Team.

We aim to complete all major repairs within 12 weeks of our first inspection. However, if there are leaseholders in the block we may need to consult them first.

Gas servicing

Each year, we will check the safety of any gas appliances that we or Islington Council have supplied. We won’t check any gas appliances that you have fitted yourself, but if we feel these appliances are dangerous we must disconnect them.

This gas safety check is very important as defective gas appliances can kill without warning. We will give you reasonable notice that we need to come in. If you don’t let us in when we ask, we will try to sort this out speedily. If it becomes necessary we may take court action against you.

Cyclical Decorations

Over the life of our contract, we will carry out cyclical decorations to your home. When we do, scaffolding will be erected to the front and back of your home to provide access for the external decoration. During this time, the security of your home will be your responsibility. To support you with this, we will advise you to inform your insurers of the scaffolding. Once the scaffolding has been erected, there will be a period of 3-4 weeks where no works will take place. During this time a number of surveys will be carried out to understand exactly what works need to be done. Scaffolding will be in place for approximately 12 weeks, weather permitting and depending on access.

Following these surveys, works can commence.

We will paint and decorate the:

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