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Insuring your home contents

You are responsible for insuring your home contents, and we strongly advise you to take out a policy with a reputable provider. In the event of theft, fire or flood, your belongings could be stolen or badly damaged. If they weren’t insured, you would have to pay to replace them. Neither we nor the Council would be liable to contribute towards this cost. This could prove very expensive. 

Special insurance service for Council tenants

The Council administers a special low cost household insurance scheme which is only available to tenants and Right to Buy leaseholders.

You can pay the insurance by standing order or PayPoint when you pay your rent.

You can get information about this from either of our offices or any of the Council’s Area Housing Offices or go to www.islington.gov.uk/housing/council-tenant-services/your-tenancy/home-contents-insurance.

Third-party cover

We recommend that the insurance policy you choose includes ‘third-party cover’. This covers you if you or a member of your household accidentally damages your neighbours’ belongings. If your neighbours claim against you for the cost of replacing their damaged items, you can claim under your policy.

Shop around 

There are many good insurance companies, and we advise you to look at a variety of policies. It is worth shopping around to find the best deal. You may want to contact the Association of British Insurers for advice at www.abi.org.uk.