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Anti-Social Behaviour Case Studies

Partners Anti-Social Behaviour Team work with residents, local support agencies and professionals to attempt to resolve problems with anti-social behaviour. Below is case study to demonstrate how they work and what can be achieved.

'We received a report from a resident regarding noise nuisance, shouting and swearing, and cannabis being smoked in the house and in the garden of his next door neighbour. The Family he was reporting had only been living at the address for 4 months. He didn’t feel comfortable approaching them directly and felt that he would escalate the problem by reporting the matter directly to the Police. He was concerned that if he identified himself as complaining about them that it would damage any relationship going forwards and that he might be targeted if the issues worsened.

We agreed with the reporter a clear action plan which would include:

  • Investigate his complaints without identifying him as the reporter
  • Invite his neighbour in to meet with us to discuss the allegations
  • Liaise with the police and social services as to whether the family were known to them
  • Investigate if there was any previous “history” i.e. were they Council tenants before? Any complaints at their previous property?
  • Contact other residents to establish if anyone else was effected by the behaviour.

The reporter agreed to keep a diary to note down what happened and when.

The Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) Officer investigating the case met with the tenant and set out the complaints. The tenant admitted that she was struggling to  control her son. She advised that she had been working with Social Services to get her son to stop smoking cannabis and assist with his behaviour. The ASB Officer reminded the tenant of her tenancy conditions and how she was in breach of them and the what the consequences were.

Following on from the meeting a Notice of Seeking Possession was served on the tenant. The Notice is the first step in the Possession process and is used as a warning. The Notice lasts for 12 Months and if no further complaints are received, no further action will be taken.

The ASB officer also liaised with Social Services to put in extra measures of support and guidance for the family to help them managing their tenancy going forward.

The reporter is very happy that the situation has improved further to our intervention. He feels happier and safer in his home.

“Since making my report things have improved. I no longer smell cannabis and the noise has reduced as well. I am very satisfied!

I wasn’t initially sure who to report my issues to so I contacted the council for advice. They referred me to Partners as they manage the property and I was contacted by the ASB Officer who really listened to me and my complaint. She was very understanding and clearly explained the process with dealing with such matters to me.

We then agreed how she would proceed with the investigation. I was very anxious that they would know it was me but she reassured me and put my mind at rest. The ASB Officer was great at keeping me informed and set out in writing what we had discussed and agreed.

I am very satisfied.  Since making my report things have improved. I no longer smell cannabis and the noise has reduced as well”

If you're experiencing anti-social behaviour please report your concerns to our team via the button on our home page.