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Keeping a pet

Your tenancy conditions state that:

  • You may not keep any dog in your property without our written permission
  • You must not keep any animal which is wild, dangerous, or poisonous, or livestock
  • You must not allow any animal you keep at the property to cause a nuisance to anyone
  • in the local area, including our employees, agents, or contractors.
  • You must not cause a nuisance by breeding animals or birds at the property.
  • You must not allow animals to foul in the communal areas of the property, or on footpaths, or in play areas in the local area.
  • You must remove and dispose of faeces hygienically.
  • You must not deliberately feed pigeons, squirrels, or other vermin either at the property or in communal areas.
  • You must not allow your property to become a nuisance by failing to look after your pets appropriately.


If a pet or other animal causes nuisance to other people, we will ask you to control your pet’s behaviour. If we continue to receive complaints we will ask you to remove it from the property.


In the UK it is against the law to own certain breeds of dog, these are;

  • Pit Bull Terrier;
  • Japanese Tosa;
  • Dogo Argentino;
  • Fila Brasiliero.


Under NO circumstances will permission be granted for any of these breeds to be housed in Partners managed properties.

Any of these breeds will be reported to Islington Council’s Animal Warden for removal

If you have any concerns about dangerous dogs in your area, you can contact Islington Council's Animal Welfare Service

Address: Public Protection Division, Islington Council, 222 Upper Street, London N1 1XR 

Telephone: 020 7527 3222

Fax: 020 7527 3228

Email: [email protected]

Last Updated May 2022