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Improving your home

If you are thinking of carrying out any home improvements, you must follow these steps:

Find out whether you need Building Control approval for the work

If you are thinking about altering the structure of, or drainage in, your home, you need to get Building Control approval. Contact the Building Control section at Islington Council (see Other Contacts for details); they will be able to advise you. 

Find out whether your home is in a listed building or Conservation Area

Many of the properties we manage are in Conservation Areas, and some are listed buildings. If your home is in a listed building or conservation area, you must comply with the Council’s requirements. You can find out if your home is in one of these categories by asking Planning Enquiries or checking Islington Council’s website. See Other Contacts for details.

Get our permission

As well as getting approval from Planning and Building Control, if you need it, you must get our written permission before you improve your home. When you have a proposal, apply to us in writing, giving as much information as possible.

Two common requests for permission to improve homes are:

Laminate or wooden flooring

We will not permit you to install laminate or wooden flooring. This is because sound travels very easily from one property to another, and laminate and wooden flooring makes it louder.

Satellite dishes and aerials

If you live in a Conservation Area, the Council will insist the dish goes on the back of the property. If you get permission to install a satellite dish or aerial, we will ask you to remove it if we do major work on your home and you must pay any associated costs. If you install a satellite dish without getting permission, we may ask you to remove it and to pay any associated costs.