Help On Your Doorstep
published on 06 July 2018

Help on Your Doorstep works to improve people's health and wellbeing in Islington. Working alongside residents they find solutions to issues which make life difficult, strengthen communities and enhance life chances


They have got a new website. The website also includes self help information on a wide range of issues and links to local services who focus on health and wellbeing. Click on the link below to take a look 

"The launch of our new website will help improve the way we communicate with those who are important to us – people who use or wish to use our services, our partners and our supporters. One of our objectives for the website was to include links to resources and partner services that people could use to help themselves if they wanted to. We have made a great start with this and will continue to build on it. We hope the that the website will be valuable source of information and support for the communities that we work with." Ken Kanu, Director.